The "Raskroynik" program is designed to automate the preparation of control programs (CP) for sheet metal thermal cutting machines.

Input data for cutting are files in the DXF format, which allows you to download detail drawings prepared in any CAD system, for example, COMPASS, SolidWorks, AutoCAD and others. The “Raskroynik” program allows you to load the geometry of parts, optimally place parts on a sheet, calculate and optimize the cutting path and get a control program for specific equipment. The issuance of control programs in ISO G-Codes and ESSI formats is supported, which allows generating CPs for such CNC systems as CNC4000 and TNC1800.


Import geometry of parts from CAD (Autocad, KOMPAS, SolidWorks, etc.) in DXF format

Automatically detects the direction of the bypass path of the imported part and cutouts

The ability to manually set the direction of circuit bypass

Assigning cut-in points for part outline and cut-outs

Placing parts on a sheet • Ability to place parts in cutouts

Introduction of compensation for the cutting width (obtaining an equidistant contour)

Defining the equidistant with both the CP functions (G40 - G42) and direct change of part geometry

Calculation and optimization of the cutting path

CP generation according to specified equipment parameters

Download CAD Operation Manual “Raskrojnik” in Russian



Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, the manufacture of the machine takes from 60 to 90 days, depending on the list of works.

As a rule, we make custom-made thermal cutting machines. The most popular machine options (e.g. under sheet 2500mmx6000mm) can be in stock.
In order to ensure maximum reliability, thermal cutting machine is delivered as a full constraction.
A typical modernization requires sending thermal cutting machines to our company. On the territory of the Customer, it is possible to upgrade only some systems of machines (replacing the drive, plasma cutting source, height stabilization system, etc.)

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