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We are engaged in the modernization of metal thermal cutting machines "Crystal", "Comet" and "Yenisei" and other for more than 20 years

If your company has an outdated or understaffed thermal cutting machine, it is worth considering the issue of its modernization. As a rule, repair and restoration of an outdated control system is impractical because It does not guarantee stable operation and creates a lot of problems with maintenance.

Typical upgrade includes:

  • mechanical revision;
  • control system replacement;
  • drive replacement (drivers and motors);
  • replacement of all control cables;
  • installation of cable layers;
  • installation of a sheet search system;
  • cleaning and painting the machine;
  • commissioning and operator training.
The list of all works is agreed upon the arrival of our specialist. One-year warranty for all works.



This is how the machine looked like before our modernization

This is how the “Kometa” machine looks after modernization. The deadline is 45 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, the manufacture of the machine takes from 60 to 90 days, depending on the list of works.

As a rule, we make custom-made thermal cutting machines. The most popular machine options (e.g. under sheet 2500mmx6000mm) can be in stock.
In order to ensure maximum reliability, thermal cutting machine is delivered as a full constraction.
A typical modernization requires sending thermal cutting machines to our company. On the territory of the Customer, it is possible to upgrade only some systems of machines (replacing the drive, plasma cutting source, height stabilization system, etc.)

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