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The Technolazer-MTR company produces plasma and oxygen cutting machines of portal and monoblock type

​The basis of our company is a team of professionals with many years of experience working with laser, plasma and gas cutting machines. Year after year, we work to improve our developments and bring to life new ideas and developments.

The new machines of the MTR-MPl and MTR-PPl(K) series have implemented all the experience of our specialists working in this field for more than 20 years.
We produce


Plasma cutting machine
Sagaris 1.5 х 3 m.
MonoblockThermal cutting machine
Gladius 2 x 6 m. 

Sagaris plasma cutting machine 1.5×3. Monoblock

Sagaris plasma cutting machines are an ideal solution for cutting sheet metal of small and medium thickness. They have a design like “monoblock”, ie the machine and the cutting table are mounted on a single rigid frame.

This design is easy to install, does not require a foundation, and if necessary, can be easily reinstalled to another location. The table is removable, which simplifies its maintenance. Standard ball bearings are used along the “X” and “Y” axes, this makes the “Sagaris” machine unpretentious in operation and inexpensive to maintain.

“Gladius” Thermal Cutting Machine

They are made with a working field from 1.5×3 to 2.5×10 m.
They are made according to the technical specifications. They are a gantry type machine with a freestanding cutting table. It is possible to make a table by the customer. They can be equipped with plasma and gas cutting equipment in various combinations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take to make a plasma / gas metal cutting machine?

Typically, the manufacture of the machine takes from 60 to 90 days, depending on the list of works.

Do you sell finished equipment or make it to order?
As a rule, we make custom-made thermal cutting machines. The most popular machine options (e.g. under sheet 2500mmx6000mm) can be in stock.
Do you supply thermal cutting machines as full construction or customer has to purchase and installe some parts himself?
In order to ensure maximum reliability, thermal cutting machine is delivered as a full constraction.
What plasma cutting sources are installed on your machines?

It is possible to install any modern source. If it is necessary, our experts will finalize it for docking with CNC.

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